An objective

The main purpose of WISHGUYS is to help people express themselves or be inspired. With our content, we try to offer various options to our users at the time of celebration, whether it is your birthday, New year wishes, celebration of festivals, your loved ones, or a celebration of the second year of marriage or dating.

Who are we?

WISHGUYS provides birthday wishes, new year wishes, festival wishes, wishes texts, wishes quotes, wishes pictures, wishes cards and wishes videos. All the content and images on the website are original and made by us.

Transparency, Privacy and Confidentiality

We follow the rules of complete transparency and privacy of our users is a serious matter. Any information about users that may be collected by will never be passed on to third parties.

To find out more, see our Privacy Policy page.

How is the site financed?

The only form of financing Wishguys is online advertising.

Why do we have advertisements? Therefore this project can continue to create high quality content at no cost to the users. The advertisement finances the content production team, the cost of site hosting and all technical maintenance.

All advertisements are always identified in this way and separate from the content we create.

Editorial independence

The site’s editorial content is completely independent of advertising. We do not have sponsored content.